El. Mex Salines Co. owns an oustanding big group of products.

CEO & Board Chairman’s Word

I was honoured to undertake the responsibility of Board Chairman for El. Mex Salines Co. and to join its distinguished team, who are seeking to provide our customers with the best quality product and service.
My aim is to ensure that this company will continue as one of the leading companies in Middle East. El. Mex Salines Co. is a national company, and has a long history that extends back over 200 years. During this time, it has served the Egyptian industry as well as the Egyptian nationals both sincerely and precisely. In addition to being very close to them at any time as a major partner to their success.
The company also could, during that history, be the pioneer company in Egypt and the whole of this region.
In a world that develops and changes rapidly, the company is keen on developing its plants and utilities to achieve what is consistent with its history and suitable for its customers. We aim to continue to develop in order to attract investors that will be able to add value by the optimal use of bittern solution.

Genearl Eng. Alla Mahmoud El. Sherif

Genearl Eng. Alla Mahmoud El. Sherif

CEO & Board Chairman

The company is considered as one of the oldest international companies in the salt industry. We have practiced for generations in this industry since 1801. We have developed our products & our plants in accordance with the most recent global technology.
Due to the nationalization resolutions and as per the presidential decree No. 117 of 1961 "dated on 29/7/1961", El. Mex Salinas (founded in 1805) & Port Said Salina (founded in 1859) have been merged under the name of El. Nasr Salines Co. Based on the approval of the extraordinary public assembly of El. Nasr Salines Company in its session dated on 27/8/2002, and upon the ministerial committee approval for privatisation on 14/11/2002, the parent company (El. Nasr Salines Co.) was divided into two companies ‘El. Nasr Salines Co.’ & ‘El. Mex Salinas Co.’
It has also been agreed by the extraordinary public assembly of the Holding Company for Chemical Industries, in its session dated on 27/10/2002, that one of the two companies operates both of El. Mex Salina and Port Said Salina under the name of El. Mex Salines Co., and to be freed from the long term loans as well as from loan-related encumbrances. While the other company’s activity is to be limited to Sebeka and Porg Al.Arab Salinas besides its affiliated branch Salinas, and to proceed its activity under the current name of El. Nasr Salines Co. El.Nasr Salines Co. is to shoulder all the long term commitments. However, Ministry of public works sector’s decision, No. 6 of the 2003, dated on 21/1/2003 was made for establishing El. Mex Salines Co. "An Egyptian joint stock company" and an affiliated company to the Holding Company for Chemical Industries.
El. Mex Salines Co. is one of the companies affiliated to the Holding Company for Chemical Industries that is subjected to Ministry of Investment. The company is governed by public works sector’s law No. 203/1991.

El. Mex Salines Co. is the largest salt producing companies in the Arab Republic of Egypt & Middle East. Our company productivity of raw salt reaches 1,500,000 tonnes per year.
The company exports about 750,000 tonnes per year of edible, washed and refined salt to many countries such as USA, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Lebanon and Slovenia etc.
The company is producing all types of salt, both for edible and for industrial uses. All of our products are subject to the periodical supervision of the relevant Egyptian authorities as well as ministry of health, so we are confident that we are doing everything we can to achieve the satisfaction of our customers and meet their demands. The company consists of two Salinas:
• El. Mex Salina: Total production capacity of 1,200,000 tonnes per year.
• Port Said Salina: Total production capacity of 300,000 tonnes per year.

The company is certified to the management system of quality (ISO 9001/2000) and management system of environment (ISO 14001 / 2004) and the system of HACCP for determination of critical control points (CCP), and in order to ensure food and products safety, as well as a certificate of management system of safety and occupational health (ISO 18001 / 1999).
The company's main target of applying these regulations is to ensure the highest standards of quality food safety, the cleanliness of work environment and the safety of our employees.
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Shipping Service to the Others

We own a large number of bulk shipping stackers inside the seaport with shipping capacity of 7,000 tonnes per day. The company has its own stacking area in Dekhilla seaport for stacking the bulk goods, in addition to shipping platform in Port Said seaport. It is also worth mentioning that the company has shipped many difference types of goods such as sand etc.


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